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Experience & Research


“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


The definition of experience is as varied as the imagination allows. It consists of what you know and what you encounter. Experience provides knowledge, skill, confidence and perspective. These qualities are reflected in the thoughts and actions of our leadership team and agent sales force.


The purchase of a home can be the largest investment one makes. The transfer of real property is complex, expensive, and has a litany of nuance that requires professional expertise. Teles provides an incomparable and experienced team of professionals to oversee your transaction from start to finish. Our executive leadership brings a unique and broad perspective to luxury real estate. Compared to most boutiques managed by real estate sales people, our backgrounds are diverse and provide expertise in technology, analytics, finance, and agent support.


Teles Properties offers extensive knowledge of our local real estate markets. We only hire seasoned, competent, productive, and ethical sales agents. We only operate in specific geographic markets and are a performance-based company. Excellence is the standard and collaboration is the culture. Every day we strive to learn, grow, and improve. We are committed to shattering the status quo in the practice of real estate brokerage.


“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”
- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


Information is the currency of today’s world. The timely delivery of vital information is what keeps you ahead of the market and our research efforts set us apart from every other real estate company. At Teles Properties, we find local micro-markets often behave differently than published macro-market trends in current media reports.


What is actually happening in your market is often different from what you think or feel. Do not mistake feelings for facts. If you are considering a purchase or sale, possessing the facts will help you make an informed decision.


Our industry-leading research team has access to proprietary intelligent analytics and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the most pertinent and up-to-date information. We compile market assessments through continuous regional and local market analysis combined with the human overlay of experience. Teles Properties is geared to help our clients make an informed and intelligent decision about their most important asset, their home.


Marketing & Technology


“Never start a conversation with a yawn.”
- Lee Clow



The essence of a great marketing campaign is a story. More specifically, a cohesive story that taps into an emotion, feeling or belief. We want to catch our future client’s attention in a way that awakens their curiosity and compels them to, “lean in” and find out more or, better yet, act.


Every home has a story to tell. Our job is to craft and shape each story to inspire the imagination of the varied potential buyers. We strive to make your home stand out in an extremely competitive marketplace. At Teles Properties, all of your marketing is conceived and developed from start to finish by true experts who focus exclusively on creating the right look and feel to promote your residence.

theStudio, our in-house marketing department, offers a wide array of design, digital, and communication services that take marketing and branding well beyond the status quo. From concept and design to implementation, every aspect of marketing your property is handled by a team of full-time professionals who provide Teles agents with complete advertising and marketing services.


Print, Online, Social and New Media are all used to create dynamic materials that attract buyers and get results. These services are creative, adaptable, and unique within the real estate industry. theStudio’s proprietary process streamlines these efforts, giving agents more time to spend with their clients. We know that world-class homes deserve first-class attention.


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ”
- Arthur C. Clarke


Many firms claim their technology is impressive. The technology at Teles is in our very DNA – it’s unique, difficult to replicate, and one of a kind. Our platform was built from the ground-up by a team of top progressive agents, Wall Street executives, business operators, and self-proclaimed technology geeks, all in conjunction with our Technology Advisory Board.


Our robust technology platform consists of practical tools and feature-rich applications, combined with personalized support and thoughtful training. We use state-of-the-art tools to aid our research and marketing teams, as well as our agents. Teles does not desire latest technology to look “flashy,” we use it to expedite communication with our agents and clients.


While our team does consistently evaluate technologies at the leading edge, we are not interested in chasing the “next cool thing.” Instead, we focus on building the best technology platform for our agents and clients.


We have created a virtually paper-free work environment. This is better for the environment and more secure for the client. If you are selling your home, our experts use leading-edge technology to position it above the rest and sell quickly. Agents enjoy the benefits of a truly mobile workplace. They easily integrate their work flow into our platform and immediately recognize the rich capabilities, increased efficiency, and positive impact a paperless work flow has on clients and campaigns.

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